We hope your summer is progressing nicely!  We wanted to make you aware of some news concerning The Ancient Moon and Dare to Imagine.  As most of you know, the physical location of the Ancient Moon is closed.  As Dare to Imagine works on a new site, you can still be kept abreast of information by visiting our former site at

The Autumn Equinox is September 22, 2014.  You will not want to miss the opportunity to cleanse your home of negative energy and replace it with ease and balance.  Kits may be purchased via the Dare to Imagine on line store.  Visit it form the Ancient Moon site.  The kit includes everything you need, plus easy to follow instructions-that will be emailed to you upon receipt of your order.  Kits retail for $18.00

Samhain Candles will be available by SPECIAL ORDER only this year.  You may reserve yours via the Dare to Imagine store.  They will be available for $10.00.  You may burn them throughout the Season of Samhain, and the Witches New Year.

Readings are available by telephone!  Simply reserve at 603-321-9950 and schedule your reading on your time!  Lynne, Janice, Michelle, and Sherri are ready to hear from you!  Any additional questions (or special orders) can be answered at this number or by email at or

Reserve your House party or Company event by calling 603-321-9950.

In order to create new product and re-design our website, we will not be hosting the 2nd Annual Witches Ball this year.  But, we look forward to what 2015 brings and are eager to remain your go-to location for information, product, events, and opportunities that you can trust!

Blessings to all!________________________________________________________________________

Our Story:      Imagine…Once upon a time 2 Witch Children were born on opposite coasts.  They began their lives with Magick, Merriment, and Wonder.

One would be raised by a Crone, in the Traditions of the Old Ways.

Her Soul Sister would be nurtured by an Artist, who’s own spirit would allow for the child to create her own way.

One ran barefoot through meadows, the other frolicked in the sea.  Each embraced the path that would in certain time and space bring them together.

As they moved closer to fate, they unlocked the Secrets of Ages, and with that knowledge, and respect to the Elders, and those before them, embraced the Love and Light, that Magick offers.

The planets have aligned-and the Children of the Moon have come together in perfect harmony.  With ambition, passion, patience, and respect, they commit together to the enlightenment that walks hand in hand to All.  They invite you to join them on their journey–and discover….the possibilities are endless…imagine

Blessed Be

By:   Naples Witch and Lavender Wolf Moon