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Welcome to the Home page of our website of Ancient Moon and Dare to Imagine llc!  Thank you for taking some time to get to know us!  On the following pages you will find information and get to know who we are and what we are about-

Tricia and I created Dare to Imagine as a sister company of the Ancient Moon that ran successfully for over 20 years.  Although the physical location is closed, we continue our mission and dedication through this site and our on line store.  Get to know us, and our Readers on our ‘About Us’ page.

The Witches Blog is updated weekly and is filled with magickal ‘must knows’.  Penned by Sherrilyn, who has educated hundreds on the practice of the Craft, it is our ongoing commitment to present you with useful and responsible information, to take your practice to another level.

Our pages on Herbs, the Wheel of the Year, Stones, and Crystals will serve as a guide for useful information for the novice as well as the seasoned student.

Keep in touch with the Moon and her phases when you peruse the Moon page.

Information on Classes and on- going promotions can also be found here!

Need insight??  Go to our Readings page for availability and options-and finally, sign up to receive our monthly newsletter!

Ready to shop?  Spend some time at the on line Dare to Imagine store.  Select from our exclusive line of candles-and get them shipped to your door!  Need something you can’t see??  Call us directly at 603-321-9950 and we will process your order promptly.




Imagine…Once upon a time 2 Witch Children were born on opposite coasts.  They began their lives with Magick, Merriment, and Wonder.

One would be raised by a Crone, in the Traditions of the Old Ways.

Her Soul Sister would be nurtured by an Artist, who’s own spirit would allow for the child to create her own way.

One ran barefoot through meadows, the other frolicked in the sea.  Each embraced the path that would in certain time and space bring them together.

As they moved closer to fate, they unlocked the Secrets of Ages, and with that knowledge, and respect to the Elders, and those before them, embraced the Love and Light, that Magick offers.

The planets have aligned-and the Children of the Moon have come together in perfect harmony.  With ambition, passion, patience, and respect, they commit together to the enlightenment that walks hand in hand to All.  They invite you to join them on their journey–and discover….the possibilities are endless…imagine

Blessed Be

By:   Naples Witch and Lavender Wolf Moon